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The Family of Kalamazoo Metal Band Saws

The world famous Kalamazoo Bandsaw saw line offers you one of the widest selections of precision heavy duty industrial grade Saws that are are BUILT to LAST. Over the many decades of manufacturing our Kalamazoo Bandsaws, we earned our reputation for saws that are BUILT to PERFORM "Day In and Day Out". This is how we best serve our saw customers in industry.

The focus at Kalamazoo Saw is meeting your fullest metal cutting needs, as well as making strides to exceed your production or general use expectations. Our 100 years of metal saw cutting experience helps improve our product line everyday at our company.

Our large family of Kalamazoo Saws cover this wide in depth range of these saws: Horizontal Bandsaws, Vertical Band Saws, Vertical Tilt Frame Saws, Miter Saws, Cold Saws, Cut-Off saws, Automatic Bandsaws, Semi Automatic Saws, Manual Bandsaws, CNC Numerically Controlled Saws plus deluxe custom designed saws.

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NEW! Model KT1018 10" X 18" Horizontal Bandsaw You Can Buy with Complete Confidence, Supported by our Famous 2 Year Factory Warranty.
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Kalamazoo  Large Capacity  Horizontal Bandsaw

Featuring: Kalamazoo Large Capacity Horizontal Bandsaw MS33595A

History of Kalamazoo Tank and Saw Industries (KTS)

Kalamazoo Tank and Saw Industries (KTS) was founded in 1867, and originally produced only windmills. Then it branched off into other agricultural implements like silos & feeding troughs. In 1939 KTS began manufacturing the original metal-cutting Kalamazoo band saws, to provide farmers a superior farming tool that enabled users to cut and shred feed for silage. The transition between these two products was largely the result of the company using its manufacturing strength, engineering know how and foresight, to replace its dying product lines with new ones on the rise. In 1994, the saw division was sold to the metal working industry giant Clausing Industrial, established in 1911, thus creating the world famous Clausing Kalamazoo Saw line.

We all deeply thank those of you, our customers, for being our loyal saw cutting-manufacturing partners .Today, with over 20,000 plus Kalamazoo bandsaws working in the field, our entire team recognizes and appreciates the repeat Kalamazoo Saw business you have given us. Key to our main company goals at the Kalamazoo Saw factory is to forever become your life long manufacturing sawing partner. Part of that achievement comes from our expertise of our 70 plus years saw parts and service departments.

The Customer support team and Kalamazoo service department maintain thousands of saw repair and replacement parts, and spares as well. We have saw operations and parts manuals dating back to our earliest models and days. We are here to make sure you, our customer, are given proper technical support for all Clausing Kalamazoo saws. The Kalamazoo Saw commitment to reliability, and saw performance is backed with our Famous 2 Year Factory Warranty. This enables you to BUY with Complete Confidence from us!

Let us build a world class Kalamazoo saw that best fits your sawing, cutting and production needs.

NEW! Automatic Bandsaw Model KT1018